Imagine Nation

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 04:39 -- Alonyia


Close your eyes and touch the fabric of your existence

Stroke the ends of your own rainbow

And breathe in your own memories of journeys undiscovered our nation

Right here.

Right now

We are speaking. loving, living into life a new history of battles list and wars won

Lines drawn and new paths paved

There are no regrets Amongst recognized failures or disillusioned successes

We will not turn a blind cheek to a blank canvas

And pray for a drop of color in a misty sky

You see we hold the pen



To draw OUR life stories in the sands of time


I don't wanna be a ripple of a memory

A slight recollection of could have, should have, would have been

I wanna race heartbeats with the mere utterance of my name

I wanna invoke laughter into the darkest of rooms

I wanna make you want to IMAGINE

Desire will fall lifeless at our feet until we decide to pick up the pieces

And shatter every voice that's tried to keep us from our glory!

How can we love, live. laugh the genius in our souls if we cannot imagine??

So close your eyes

As I speak Your story is being written

Your life is being spoken

And your laughter is being sung


There will be echoes of your imagination in the hearts of those with the courage to declare

That OUR nation...OURS

Can you imagine?


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