The Truth Behind

Waking up every morning, I take a look in the mirror in my room.

  She stares back at me, that girl on the glass.

Her eyes have much to say, yet they remain ever so gloom.

Is she waiting…hoping for a chance?


She takes the brush in her delicate hands, and brushes the strands on her head.

Her eyes never leave mine, yet I am not the one she looks at.

It’s obvious her soul has bled, the glimmer in those eyes are nearly dead.

But there is a spark in her I can see; could she be fighting back?


Her eyes flicker for a moment, her mind lost in thought.

Standing there, the memory of many words comes back in sight.

Her hand moves to her chest where her heart lay, recalling the pain those words had brought.

She looks away and clenches the shirt in her hand; could this be her final fight?


“You will not succeed.” They told her, “That is not your place.”

Bullets are these words to her heart, said by the ones she loved the most.

“You will fall and that is the truth. You will fail and that is the case.”

The disappointment in their eyes adds: has she overdosed?


Silent tears stream down her cold cheeks, holding back the miserable pain.

She breathes in deeply and lets it out, looking back at the mirror as our souls become one.

Something better we shall seek, together we shall break away from this cold chain.

So let us not pout, and instead let us find the warmth of the spring-time sun!


“I am strong! I am brave! I can do this and I will succeed!”

Her attitude changed the moment her soul chanted encouraging words to her heart.

“I’ll prove you wrong! I’ll escape this dark cave! I’ll make you proud so watch me fly free!”

New vibrations filled her body with a new hope in which she would not depart.


She takes another glance in the mirror, this time her eyes burn with fortitude.

Her heart and soul are both ablaze; a new idea in her mind at bay.

With a change in attitude, she is filled with gratitude.

Despite her flaws, she is perfect and flawless in any possible way.


No need to believe what other people say,

So long as you trust in yourself and keep moving forward.

You’ll find your path, and the sun will shine day after day.

So don’t be afraid, you are no coward.


Away from the mirror she turned, recognizing the truth behind her flaws.

A new glimmer in her eyes: full of confidence and joy.

And like new her spirit burns, recognizing the beauty behind her flaws.

Flawless is what she is, and not anybody’s toy.




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