The ABC's to Awesomeness

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 20:42 -- Deb Obi

A=A good conscience is a good pillow even in danger

B=Believe in ourselves

C=Cut your coat according to your size

D=Determine to convert our hopes into dreams

E=Evil communication corrupts good manner

F=Fight while being faithful and finish the course

G=Get God on your side

H=Honesty is the best policy

I=Inspire someone else

J=Judge not, that ye may not be judged

K=Keep on keepin on

L=Look before you leap

M=Make everyday count

N=Nothing come from nothing

O=Overcome your obstacles

P=Patch your clothes in order to save money

Q=Quit quitting

R=Run the race with patience

S=Strive on

T=Trust in the lord

U=Use your talents

V=Virtue is its own reward

W=Wait for understanding

X=X-ray your own lifestyle

Y=You are never too old to learn

Z=Zealous when reaching the top

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