Treasure the ordinary

Dear Younger Me,


If I could go back and change things I might,

to undo the wrongs and make them right.

But that's the thing, the very falslihood I used to believe,

-in reality, it every imperfection I've experienced that's has truly cause me to be.

No bruise or scrape, nor disagreement or mistake,

is worthy enough to distrub a healthy mind and peaceful state. 

It's not the trophies, medals, titles, or riches that matter the most,

rather real treasures lies in seemingly insifnificant moments, those one ought to boast.

Treasure the times riding in the car with mom,

the rides filled with dancing and singing of songs.

Treasure the times talking with your brother,

He's loyal and the best friend you'll find in no other.

Treasure the times spent staring into the night sky with dad,

soon enough there won't be a chance, life moves fast - you'll wish you had.

It's not the pictures or funny videos that define the value of an instance,

it's how you lived, existed, and enjoyed a seconds significance.

If I could leave you with one thing it's to enjoy the little - let greed not be your adversary,

rather learn to find joy and love in everything and you'll be sure to find the treasure that lies in the ordinary.


With much regards,


Future You

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