Its Time


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Its time to make a decision
A decision to stand or to fall
To live life to the fullest or fall in the trash of the past
The time is now to decide to live and to love the lives we have

I’ve lived the life of the past
I’ve felt the weight of the world on my shoulders
I’ve hated and let things that really do not matter get me down
I’ve made choices I will live with the rest of my life
Choices I will have to choose to learn from and use for growth
Its time to make a decision

An end draws near
An end which will lead to a new beginning
For some it is a great unknown
For some they know exactly what is coming
For me I have a dream and a passion, but I stand in waiting

A waiting which is taking over my life
It is time to make a decision
A decision to live and let live
To enjoy what I have and leave the rest to the one who knows all
The one who loves all for who they are
The one who requires but one thing
For you to believe

Trust in him and choose to live your life
Choose to enjoy the time left
Choose to see what you have and be thankful
The time is now beautiful soul
To decide
To love the life you have
And live it for all its worth


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