Why I Write - I Write to Know


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Why do I write?
I write to think.
I have all these thought going through my mind
At 100 miles an hour.
When I write, I can't write fast enough
When I write, I write to feel.
There are so many times when I can't distinguish between
Hurt, Anger, Sadness, Jealousy, Love, or Lust.
I write to prove to myself that if these words are on paper
They must be real.
It's like I don't trust myself to keep them inside.
I write to know what I feel is true.
When I write, I write to heal.
I let out all my frustrations out on the paper,
And let my thoughts bleed out of the pen,
Because confliction makes the best ink.
I write to help myself, and to heal myself.
I need to let myself know that things will be alright.
Why do I write?
I write to know.


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