Expression shouldn't be Suppression

In a world full of technology and communication
we all end up in a seemingly endless situation
in a world full of thinkers
and hopeless drinkers
the endless lovers
and overbearing mothers
this is for those starless dreamers
the endless believers
this is for the ones who haven't lost hope
who still believe this isn't a joke
the greedy, the selfish,
the jealous, the cherished
everyone is capable of being replenished
How can we live as such
everything available with a simple touch
cell phones, televisions
we need to make revisions
in the life we've put ourselves in
society just can't win
the loss of focus
could be described as hopeless
society is justifiably, undeniably malignant
the way life works is indignant
we are slowly being consumed by things
that life brings
there seems to be no care
because none are aware
as to what the outcome shall be
no one seems to foresee
that we are being consumed
and irredeemably doomed
but how can we see
when all have their own idiosyncrasies
twisted ways of communication
it's like the world is full of contamination
it causes things to be implicated
making things needing to be enumerated
humans are being blinded and misguided
undecided, needing to be reunited
with the words that taught us how to live
and how to give
we need to remember
take an adventure
on the pathways of language
try to restore the previous damage
that was caused by our nature
and society's facilitators
the leaders above us who have been surrounded
by technology that is constantly compounded
seem to be confounded
by their inability to speak
it makes us weak
how can we find a way out
when the path is a monstrous roundabout
but there will always be a way
that is not noticeably portrayed
your eyes may view
this pressing issue
with no worry
but some eyes will fill with fury
so try something new
and take a few
sit face to face
just communicate


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