But She Smiles

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 00:41 -- AlveyJ

Her hair is matted, there is dirt on her face

But she smiles and laughs, 

She knows not of disgrace.

She doesn't worry, you won't see her cry, 

And she forever brings 

So much joy to my life.


His shoes don't match, his clothes are torn 

But he pulls on my hand, 

He can't see people's scorn.

He has no bed for sleeping, no water to bathe,

Yet his heart is as pure

As God's holy faith.  


I watch as they play, as they frolic with joy

I see as he swings her 

And she offers him her toy. 

My heart begins aching, my soul starts to hurt 

I wish I could save them 

From the pain of their world.


I know their chances of success are so slim

I know their reality 

Still hasn't set in. 

I know they are part of a world different than mine

A world that will hurt them

That will leave them to die.


I know they may someday drop out of school

And then become parents

Because they never had rules.

I know at some point he could end  up in juvy 

Because of a fight

where he got too unruly.


I don't want to believe

Their lives hold so little. 

I don't want to believe their existence is futile. 

I want to believe their life is a canvas 

But I know time will snatch 

Their futures, like a bandit. 


I can't change reality, 

I can't change the facts 

Statistics have shown many times in the past

That children like them are likely to fail 

And nothing I do 

Will help them prevail. 


But that cannot stop me, I won't let it be the end 

I won't get discouraged 

I will try to transcend. 

I will love and cherish our moments together

I'll stand by their side 

Through all types of weather. 


So for now, she smiles; For now, he laughs.

For now their world is still up to chance.

I'll shake off my sadness 

And believe in their future.

I'll always believe, 

Because I am their teacher. 


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