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In hindsight we’re living the dream,
But hindsight is blind sight and in mind’s eye
In fact we’re destroying the dream.
Corrupting morality for technology,
But we’re forgetting to keep open eyes,
Watching the world die for guilty pleasures,
And believing only what we’re told,
This is the world we’re developing,
While other worlds die,

In hindsight we’re moving forward,
Full speed into the future,
But hindsight is blind sight and in the mind’s eye
In fact the future is only bringing us backwards.
Barbarians cannot run countries,
But we preach and we teach that in fact we’re superior,
That this is the future and we’re doing just fine.

Open your damn eyes and look for yourself,
Hate and Rape, Death and War, Sickness and more,
We’re killing each other for a better life,
We’re killing the planet for somewhere to live,
We’re teaching the teachings of well forgotten dictators,
And telling everyone they don’t understand.

In hindsight we are the change,
But hindsight is blind sight and in the mind’s eye
In fact nothing has changed.
You are the change that the world does need,
You are the last resort for freedom and peace.
If you do not stand up for what you believe in
Then you accept the inevitable fall of mankind.

In hindsight we are all in this together,
But hindsight is blind sight and in the mind’s eye
It’s every man for himself.


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