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This is too the cultures who oppress girls and deny it. listen up,

equality don't mean anything too you and we understand it.

you deny your daughters, sisters, mothers, aunties and grandmas.

you speak for them thinking your doing them a favor and when the shall speak

you hesitate and speak above them. 'There stupid' you might say but you deny

them education, of coarse the only stupidity we all know of is what goes on on in

your head. listen up, you tell her as she walks her first steps 'you need to learn cook

and by age 17 you have atleast 4 kids' listen to your man he knows what is right,

listen if he tells you to jump of that cliff , you do it. don't over think his commands

hes truly smarter than you are.

WOMAN, i shall ask you to stand up, all at once. Don't agree with the words that run down

there mouths like a river on a floody day. yell NO! leave them gasping for air.

this is your life, your body, you mind. educate your self, round up

all your womanly friends and stand together strong.

-Retaj Maryol

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My country


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