My Little Love


United States
27° 44' 6.126" N, 98° 5' 24.6264" W

My little love, she means the world to me
She's so beautiful, thats all I want everyone to see
Six months old, yet she's been through a lot
All I can think of, is all of the battles that shes fought
Heart surgeries, lung transplants, oxygen galore
When will my baby, not need anymore
Shes worth so much, and deserves nothing but great
But why is this happening to her, what is going to be her fate
I felt like she was god's child, he has to be planning this
But as each day passes, bad news comes, and I just cant understand shit
Eighteen years old, I'm a sinner and a teen
But Lord hurt me not her, she didn't do a single thing
She just wants to live, nothing more
Shes asked for far less than I, your whom she adores
She just wants your help, anything you can lend
But I want a miracle, something to which can amend
Help her heart, put it back together
Fix her lungs, make them last forever
Heal my little baby, let us finally get some rest
Don't take her from me please, help us release all of this stress


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