My wish

Simple yet difficult

Wanting, is it so wrong?

The gods think so

But why?

Surround me with others

Better than me

They act

They sing

They create

I destroy

Never able to show myself

Never able to teach others like I have been taught

Never able to feel full

Always empty

Should I stop

Should I give up?

The gods think so.

Well fuck the gods!

Never stopping!

Never giving in!

Never letting the hate and shame get me!



I have it!

I believe in it!

I am my wish!

I am my dream!

And I will never let it go!

I'm surrounded by those better than me, to prove I'm better!

I'm surrounded by them, because they believe in me like I believed in them!

So fuck those gods!

What do they know.

I have talent, because I say so, not them.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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