Over the Rainbow

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 23:56 -- Minal-c

I fight

I write

I conquer.. with my words

Ain't that something?

I'm mighty fine, alright.


I have a message:

You best be listening...

You know why you're living?

Why you wake up, eat up, or sit around?

You got a purpose...

Ain't it to be somewhere? Be something?

I don't see you moving.

You'r following.

Like lost sheep

How weak...

Originality overpowers practicality

Reality calls for your individuality

Stand up, fight, and conquer

Words, actions, whichever way you prefer

Don't wonder


Aimlessly like nothingness

Don't wanna see you waddle...

Be the role model


Linger with purpose

Write your name

Your opinions, ideas, belief

Scream em, shout em

Pass them over

Over our rainbow of everything and everyone

Hey girl! 

My man...

Ladies and gentlemen

My people...

Ya'll coming?

Cuz i'm going...

See you at the top with a lemon drop


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