Dreams of Major League Gaming


Waking up in the morning it is the first thing on my mind, to practice and hone my skills until it's my time. To become MLG, a dream that I want to be my legacy.

Any Call of Duty I'm sniping heads off with a no scope, always first on the leaderboards leaving others with no hope.

Of passing me, I love my gaming life passionately, I've seen few in this career of mine that are passing me.

A TitanFall story I dropped a Titan on an enemy while he was lookin' for me. All he heard was Titan inbound and then his screen went all gory.

I'm on my road to glory there's no Crisis in this, unless the crisis is me hitting you with a stealth fist.

Now watch me dish out madness in Destiny, Fist of Havoc, Nova Bomb, or Arc Blade pick your catastrophe.

Nobody's matching me I'm going Fifty and Zero, its common for Halo's announcer to scream Unfrigginbelievable!

This is just a taste of the gaming life that describes me, every match I play is a highlight reel waiting to show in the finals of MLG.

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