Take a Chance and Stop the Dance

In society people pin themselves in categories

Ones that they aspire to be apart of

Ones they are apart of

And ones that they want people to think they're apart of

This causes shame

And puts a bad name on alot of people

Who weren't even in on that person's corrupt game

People get offended 

They do so because their wounds were never mended

We all make sweeping generalizations

With out using truthful realizations

When you ask me a question don't be angered by my replies

And don't role your eyes

Where do you get your sense of belongingness

When you believe in nothingness

Where do your morals come  from

Without a moral basis we might as well sit around like a bum

Where do you find your purpose in life

All I see is you getting to caught up in strife

As soon as I say Jesus is the way 

You turn your head and go the other way

But I am just answering you

I am saying what I believe is true

It is nothing I am forcing you to do

How can you hate something when it does not exist

Hey, don't clench your fist

I am just saying their are flaws in your logic as well as mine

But at least mine has been here since the start of time

We are all afraid of the truth

Of the day when we have officially lost our youth

But if you don't stand for something 

How can you stand for anything

I am sure of one thing

You still have the chance to make the choice I have made

The leap of faith I took

Look and see all of the possibilities

You have a fifty-fifty chance

So don't dance around the edge

Dive on in

You have nothing to lose

So just choose

I know some of us struggle 

And in our hearts we juggle all of the burdens that have plagued us

But trust in God and see

All of the things you can possibly be 



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