The Boat

From whence I was born

my life was in motion,

constantly flowing

like waves in the ocean.

Smaller at first

without much commotion,

then larger at last

just like an an explosion.

As if within peril

I called out for help.

I said in my thoughts

its not just myself.

A hand from the sky,

so wonderous and free,

at last I could see

it wasn't just me.

Together in arms,

we fashioned a boat.

With strong wooden frames,

and a sail made of coats.

We had conquered the wave,

us and our wooden boat!

It was quite the achievement,

I don't mean to gloat.

But alas it's one wave,

just one out of many,

but I know with my boat,

I'll always be ready.


This poem is about: 
My family


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