The Cover Is Never What It Seems

Once upon a time there was a king,

but not just a king,

A queen, but oh no,

Not just a queen,

A quite young maiden,

But not just a young madien,

All were unaware that the perfectly imperfect, 

Well, that occurence only happens in the castle.


The night was of the ball,

All anticipations were high,

Knowing yet searching for something more,

The king searching for respect,

The queen searching for patience,

The madien searching for something beyond anything she had ever known,

The others searching for the attention of the king, queen, and madien.


Out of the blue the mass of people quieted,

Out of the blue the king felt respected,

Out of the blue the queen's patience gathed once more,

Out of the blue this strange beast like man entered their ball,

And out of the blue the maiden found something beyond anything she had ever known.


Approching the king and queen with arms open the beast like man asked,

" What is your name sir and your name miss?",

The question the beast asked,

"I beg your pardon? How dare you ask us?" declared the miss,

The horrendous man replied,

" I wish only to know who I have the pleasure of meeting?"

The king quickly reliped,

" You have the pleasure of meeting Theodor and Romona of Washling,

and now you will be leaving or forced to be leaving."

"But Sir?"

"Goodbye Sir."


This was the first of many meetings,

The maiden hadn't said a word but remarked everything with her smilings,

True stories are longer than one meeting,

Continue on if this one meeting is to short to believe,

Or stop if you choose to look at realities in our world molding.


You chose to belive the short and sweet?

How in life can this ever to meet,

So long for now as our ways must part,

My poety is not for the weak,

When you wish to hear the truth come to me again and it will spark.





This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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