the reckless youth

as you start age daily,
you learn the
between right and wrong:
what is accepted by this
temporary home
and what is not.

not a soul would like
to listen to the crumbling
of my words, as they
struggle to make it past
my lips; thus, i write the
way it feels to be silenced
by a society full of lost souls
beckoning you to join
the reckless youth.

"run, just run,"
he says, but only with his
empty brown eyes.
"as far, far as you can,"
is what he left in his note
before the slices on
each damned wrist.

your soul begins to yearn
for solace, while your
heart races, running as
fast as it can to learn
what's right amongst
the luminous lights
floating above
the forever

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Our world
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