help breathing

Thu, 03/30/2017 - 06:53 -- taj2002


25° 16' 27.8328" S, 133° 46' 30.4896" E

just breath, 

don't suffocate 

let the amber rose 

cover the cell

let the night 

speak to you,

to your soul

let me breath 

you in, I'll show 

you art, her 

tips are orchid 

angels, just breath.

let me love, love 

your elbows, and the 

ankles. let me breath 

in your sent of rose. 

let it set in my 

nostrils, let it tickle its way 

in me, discover my heart. only to 

find your scents in graved beneath 

flesh and bone, 

believe, believe what i see.

just stay, let me breath you in.

-Retaj Maryol.

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