Believe What You Feel and Seeing with Your Eyes

A white feather fell on me as I walk to my office.

Once I enter the office, I felt a kiss on my cheek.

I looked back quickly and saw nothing.


I resume to work without thinking or telling that to my boss,

who walks slowly across from my office door.

Few minutes later, I felt a touch of something's white and delicate on my forehead.

I looked up and saw the white feather in the air.

I faint...

 I open my eyes slowly, I found myself on the floor as the feather was on my nose. I can't do anything about it. If I do, my boss will come and will scream at my face. I won't do that. So I lay on the floor, still.   How long I was still on the floor? One hour, I guess. I looked and suddenly I discover a face of a handsome prince or an angel.  Oh, man. I'm going to die. Because I have the purest thing on my nose. But I look, it's nothing there on my nose. I look at him. He looks at me. "Everything's will be fine, dear."  



If you saw an angel's white feather on the table or something, do not panic. Every-

thing will be fine as the angel said to the character. 

What if the character saw the angel's black feather on the table or something,

do not panic. Well, the character paniked and the fallen angel disappeared. Maybe,

he came back at a differnent time of the day at her house. This time, she could not 

panic so... He stayed and got comfortable. 

What if the angel and fallen angel met with the same woman at the office, that 

would cause a fight or disappearance? Well, the characters do not know just yet.

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