"You know you'll be broke?" is what everyone said, their words and opinions filling my head. "A career change already? Are you sure you really want it?" I hadn't even started, and thought I should quit. "What if I'm not good enough?" "What if I don't get in? My Undergraduate degree was hard, so why give grad school a spin?" I was never a good student, I barely scraped by. So why should I give a teaching degree a try? How could you think you could work with the youth, you're not smart enough, and that's the truth. But what if I am smart enough? I can't sit back and wait. I'll just submit this application, and leave the rest up to fate.

Now a year later and I'm on the right track, I can't believe I'd ever doubted myself looking back. I got into grad school, a teacher I'll be. "You have a natural talent" is what my professors say to me. I love what I do and I'm good at it too. Children say "I believe in myself, thanks to you." My grades became better, I have experience under my belt. The joy I've found in teaching is one I hadn't before felt. Whether at work or observing a class, the life I've been given is one I'd never pass. If I doubted myself I'd never be here. A life without children is a life that I fear. So whether it's the voices outside or the ones from within, if you listen to doubt than you can't ever win.

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My country


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