Believe it or not


You wonder why you feel this way

you've never felt before,

your heart is skipping beats right now, 

but then you just ignore. 

No, never could this be love, 

that's knocking at your door, 

yes it's your chance to let it in, 

no longer will you lure

no longer will you wonder

no longer will you think,

you'll let your heart have its way 

while continuing to sink.

He holds you in his arms today, 

never to let go, 

but you think you know it all 

you think it's love you know. 

Don't you think it's strange

when you seem to float? 

When you finally found the one 

that simply rocks your boat? 

Why can't you believe it,

yes, believe it all, 

just to know that he'll be there 

to catch you when you fall

why can't you imagine, 

that he loves you in this way, 

that he prays each day and night,

forever with him you'll stay.

Believe it now, 

believe it or not, 

for this is love, 

you've finally spot. 



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