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News of a breakup spreads around as one of the victims cry Another person with the same pain manages to keep it all inside One person dramatically complains that they're life is ending
To come or not to come Semester by semester Course by course He could have been there Where is love Slowly passions were swept Longing for the American Dream Graduating with close friends
These moments, These people, These years. We thought it would last a lifetime, Our friendships would never break, And our love would never disappear. We'd never know what betrayal is.
i feel so young  yet so awfully old all at once   i need life to slow down for me because i can't decide who i am  or where i want to be  or what's going to come of all of this  
Changes sweep through my fog . Their light so bright . It only reflects into the ethereal distance. If the world would only use the dimmer switch. Please turn in the low beams!!!
High school good days, snickering in the hall ways, Laughing in the locker room, Bathing in perfume, Running late to class, Just bothering enough to pass, Now on to college days,
We grow up thinking, That Everyone can be  Considered Beautiful. That they are, with a matter of fact, Beautiful.   Ignore the imperfections, They are what  Makes you perfect.
One moment That was all it took For the realization to settle That I would never be a child anymore   It happened in the bathroom In front of the mirror When I couldn't see myself
They don’t realize it But they do They are expected to know everything They are expected to be perfected By imperfect people
As I write this,tears form inside my eyes my heart achesI'm in painyet I'm numb
It’s the devil in DISGUISE, When you look into its eyes, You become mesmerized. An eater of souls and a dark cloud above, At one point you thought it was LOVE. You’d give up your LIFE just to have a TASTE.
Young scars of blood can't be seen by our makers; They're invisible to the naked eye Though, it's expected for them to know it and see it. Every invention has it's own manual made by it's producers
Wishing on shooting stars won't get you what you want. Holding onto old memories won't change people from the past. Pretending to be someone you're not won't get you
Dear teens, What makes someone a bad person ? Is it the things we say, The things we post, How we look, Or the things we know,
dear elizabeth, how are you? i hope you're doing well  i, however, am ready to raise hell i'll spare you the details, but i think you should know that things are really fucked up and its starting to show
You were the boy I have always wanted.  At least I thought you were.  But you did not want the same as me. Or maybe at some point you did, but realized I just wasn’t the one for you. 
some teens dont have multiple game consoles  and mobile devices some teens dont have enough clothes to wear a different outift everyday some teens dont have  bucketfuls of art supplies
Love is pain Love is kind Love is honestly a waste of time  there's no true love's kiss  or a frog turned prince because love is absent in today's kids  Love is hurt  Love is cries
We are freespirited. Kind.  Compassionate. Hopeful. Loving. But we are hurt. Tired of hearing about the do's and do not's. The can's and can not's.
Early in the morning, from my bed i jump My heart with fresh new blood i feel pump. Like an athlete I sprint into my bathroom Clean myself and return to the bedroom.  
What exactly is this feeling called love Preachers preach of it, singers sing of it. Why do singers liken it to a beautiful dove? Or why do preachers liken it to God’s spirit?
Success is indeed great but don't let it get into your head or next time fall behind rate.   When wrong remember to say "sorry" because its lack took from people, their hard earned glory.  
Dear 17 year old girl with a 5 year old heart staring back at me in the mirror: You are growing up so fast. Yesterday, you swung rung from rung on the monkey bars. You painted portraits with your words at show and tell.  
People wonder Why it is teens Are so suicidal here Is it because They are confused They are being forced Into a shell They are basically invisible To the eye of society
[(I was 15 at the time I wrote this.)]   Because I'm not like you, you fear me, you hate me, you torture me. I refuse to be like you. I fear you, I hate you, I run from you.
Welcome to the life of a teenager It is at this time The most critical time in your life That everything that you see That you are And that you hear
Instagram, Facebook, That is all it took, Took to lead these teens Out into the streets To live what they'd seen On some little screen.  
Your sun sets as mine rises. My mind thrashes as yours serenes. Oh, what a beautiful tragedy it is. For a girl to love a guy who has forgotten.
Somehow Time flew by And it's only two more months Before I close this chapter And begin the next. An eager goodbye to most But forced and choked out for some
As I scroll through my feed On Facebook, Twitter, Insta All I see is the chaos The crimes committed The idols worshipped The relationships ruined We hit the like button
Before I get into it I'd just like to say I don't mean to offend Anyone, anyway.
You were in my life before I even knew,  A boy who sat quietly two seats away. With your glasses and your sweet little smirk,  You took my world by the reigns. A pure smile and delightful tone, 
It’s always been terrifying to me… What could possibly lie underneath the serene rapids of the Gulf of Napoli Normally a peaceful town my family originated from.  
we stare at the television screen like fire as the five eyed monster eats the rat girl in one loud crunch. to my right he laughs, face stretched, eyes shut. to my left she flinches like she can feel the teeth, like
I walk 15 minutes to find you when I'm sad.Though it's very rare I find myself feeling this bad.In cold weather, I'll find you, while I'm jacket-clad.If I find you taken by another, I'm rather mad.
Leotards and red licorice.
In eighth grade, we had Science class together. You had sat in the row behind me until the seats were switched and we became partners. Do you know what I would give to be partners with you again?
As kids,We chose the penniesOver the dimes.We associated size with value. We didn't know that dimes are worth ten times as pennies. We thoughtIt's bigger It's worth more.As kids,
Who's warm bosom is arrowed by cupidShouldst hark now to honest counsels my minddiscourses; love's like to unexpectedWhom thou think of least, hearts’ like to c
Black is not a type of character trait I'm tired of our nationality being raped Constantly we are mistaken by our identity Yeah she's black She's always walking around with a head full of naps
Every beginning has an end and every enemy was once a friend  deception the act of making someone believe something that is not true  the act of deceiving someone
He made everything better I don’t know how he did it and I don’t think he did either He could help me through anything
This was a visual poem that I had worked on about a year ago as a class project. The poem is about the overall feeling of being alone that may come with moving onto new things or new places.
First came love like a roaring fire, Burning intensely with flames only getting higher. The roses were bought out of a love so deep. I stayed up all night missing precious sleep.
Stolen from your very soul. Never knowing the truth. Deceived for so long. Reality disappears.   Memories following your forever. Never feeling a purpose. Doubting your every move.
Late night conversations make you learn a lot about the people you thought you knew, with liquor savored on our lips, and the night sky above, everything seemed infinite.
35.1 percent of highschoolers use marijuana before they graduate And parents wonder why there is so much developing hate in a world where tiny cartoons on our screens  show more emotion than the average teen
We are just kids who can't stop the voices of our demons. Too tired from trying to keep ourselves sane, we are out on the edge not caring if we fall, we are heroes 
I hate the silence it is one of the scariest times because it causes me to be vulnerable A kind of vulnerable when I have no choice but to be real with myself
I cannot stand still. I could not stop if I peased to. I'm busy, busy, busy. A little happy bee. Musical. Soccer. Canoeing. Scouts. Chior. Texting, facebook, instagram, snaps. Gee, no time free?
Senior Year 17 and 18 year old punk kids Who used to be prodigies, geniuses, beyond their years We were told we were so smart
I’m not one of those teens. You know, the social media starlets Who are the epitomes of “perfection.” The ones who post Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, whatever, Hashtag selfie, hashtag fleek, and hashtag teen life
Notes on a page. I have become  The inks and papers.   I am the notes the teachers explain, Copied down in frantic scribbles Nearly illegible, Vaguely understood,
One early morning on the court There were five teens  Who could not agree on a sport   One wanted tennis  So he brought his racket But the others were being such a menace
The young boy was so quick to pick up a gun but never a book the young girls so eagered to twerk something but never to desire to learn something they wonder why they never earn nothing like respect
The ones who always ask for a vacation. Is just a bunch of teens. In the middle of this crazy segregation. That we've been trying to avoid by all means. We're all in the middle of this war.
It's not a special book, like the ones you see on TV,  but it's mine and it means a lot to me.    It doesn't have sparkles on the cover, like the ones the pretty girls have,
School...ugh.   Means getting up early.   Studying a lot.   Doing homework until I have a headache.   Listening to a teacher run his/her mouth for hours.  
I knew that when the going gets tough most of the tough gets going you see they're robbin' us  leavin' us with broken promises  lying to U.S. open your eyes they're not trying to liven us  it's so unjust 
Here I am staring into reality,
What a nut What a crazy girl She’s lost her mind She is lost She has no guide Her pain suffers
Do we ever feel alone? yes. Do we ever feel forgotten? yes. Have we ever gotten help? no. Have your friends ever offered help? yes, but I think I don't need it.  
In my old best friend's bedroom drunk and stoned out of my head I keep lighting myself on fire again and again in her bed. Every time, it burns and every time, I scream but once it's out, I light it again
I am the fake smile on my face. I am the loud girl in the class. I am the wall between my parents lies   I am the fake smile on my face. I am the sun that shines everyday for everyone else.
With unsteady hands and a shaky spirit
  Midwest farm raised Sweet honeysuckle by the fence-line
10:56pm Someone tell me why im having a mental breakdown. its 10:56 and im numb. not too long ago i got my phone taken away,  and just let me something about that.  
The taste of her gum, Reminds her of him. The same taste on his tongue,
Why? Why me Lord? I always asked that same questions, nothing more nothing less. I have a confession. I am not happy. I am not, was not happy with myself and was not happy with my life.
Assigned to a table to be quietly seated Attempting to, for a slight moment, be an ordinary, tranquil student His face concentrated on the slim technology placed in front of him
Life,it's a funny concept really.
mommy, you're broken. i hear you at night your bottles are clinking  it fills me with fright.   mommy, were broken, this family i think the yelling seems constant we continue to sink
If there's one phrase that's hard to say, If there's something we don't want to think about each passing day If there's something that would make some of us want to cry,
t's 6:00a.m on the morning, For a day that's prolonged, aggravating and boring, You're tired, and exhausted, These are the years of our lives that are the most awkward and stressful,
Painkiller. You come to me in so many ways, so many daze. I laud you as seconal, alcohol, phenobarbitol, mary jane and more.
                                                Husky throats,
We are not the hormones in our blood Nor are we sex driven maniacs. There is a method to our madness Whether you choose to see it or not And we are begging you to   Open your fucking eyes!  
Today's the day, The day to be free, the day to rejoice and be glad in it.
Wishing upon peace,  hoping no one sees me, Taking a deep breath, hoping no one hears me, Walking through school campus vastly, having fear of being stopped, Smiling, but speaking no words,
The expectations are set, before we even come into the world. - We see things as a threat, before we know what flag they hold. - We refuse to accept everyone, before we get to know them.
Life is our ball
The only way, it seems,
Emo girl, gauged ears like sink plugs Bracelets hiding both arms, like a secret. Vibrant hair, changes like a chameleon. Proud fashion adaptive and social maverick. Congratulations.  
Fakebook. Instastab in the heart. Subtweeter.   Real babies, Not dolls. Drinking beer, Not juice.   YOLO, swaggin' Getting turnt up. This generation
Reckless teenswith waking nightmares.Destructive fiendsof incoherent time fares. Your memories,of all defeats.Scattered,between racing heartbeats.
Life hasn't been seen At the age of sixteen. Yet decisions must be made Before the choices can be weighed.
Red, Blue, Green and PinkV- necks, halters, tanks and spagetti strapsBootcuts, skinnies, jeggings, and skirtsFabrics and different shades one after another,
Inspire me;
Her smile is the beauty of nature at its best, when leaves are ripe and the trees are at rest. Grin perl white and shines with glee, like a deep night sky it's a must on what you see. Waves with ponder that's brown
No one undestands what it means To be alone To be ignored To eat your lunch in the library Hidden behind stacks of books So no one can see your shame To look at your feet when you walk
I know i've got an education. 
As a seed we learn and soak in experiences and hurt. Our growth is formed solely in our direction whether we follow the light of the sun or the dark of the room. But to learn in the right we must be taught by another.
Living like a bruh Tiptoein in my Jordans Got swag for days bruh But seriously, let's jump into reality In the world everyone is confused About looks, attitude, and sexuality
Oh no, I have nothing to hide. Never in my life have I tried. I have always been happy! I will never be sappy. Not that my parents bother me, Nor is it ever a biggie. All that matters is your glee;
Blood drips from my pen 
“Still” by, GiGi Spata Captured, trapped, broken A mangled mouse in a trap Like a beautiful bird in a cage A precious puppy in a pound
Approximately 177 days left. Only 177 days left to be a kid. Only 177 days left to have all of the quintessential teen experiences. ONLY 177 DAYS. Should I be scared? Because I am.
My life is a book composed of many different chapters. The lines I write within each one determines what comes after. My book began before my birth. God formed me by his Plan.
You came to settle in my brain which feels like so long ago. You were quick to cause confusion and pain and suddenly became the foe.   Every morning I'd wake up with my self esteem in the gutter.
There's a girl with a nice shape, long hair and a small waist; living in today's society your only considered beautiful if you're under an size eight.
I’m sitting in the waiting room with daddy and I’m filling out the formsEach minute that passes by my hearts being tornMaybe it’s not to late I could just walk away and never come back
You can't spell 'Bully' without 'bull'as in Bullsh!t- which is brought by:
As an infant, one clings to and relies on another who is greater than they. Whether it be their biological mother or their biological father. Whether it be a family friend or a grandparent.
I’m like a phoenix When I burn down I rise from ashes Straight off the ground  
Most of the time We try to look at someone else's eye's Try to understand through their covered lies But what we do not realize Viens throb from shameless drugs that mezmorize When their mama cries
tall, strong, young black man sings songs to engulf her mind love shared, enternal
I hate you
Waiting to be free;
Put down your pencil, And pay attention to your class, Not everyone is like you, They’re all just trying to pass,   You make think that they care, But they’re all laughing in their reclining chair,
  She exploits her body to the opposite sex Or the same sex It doesn't matter right As long as she gets her pay check Because at the end of the night Her pockets are full $500 in tips
The pretty girl who everyone wants they admire you for your smarts  respect all your wishes all the boys wanted to call you theirs and one day, a boy was able to   you thought you loved him
Life's a party,  One you can never leave. So live it up, break it down, and never regret anything you do. Because in the end, it makes you who you are.
With the weight of 12 worlds on your shoulers the years of adolesence take a tole on your mind the same years that your parents spend theirs reminiscing in are the same that you enter this competition for a better life
A noose of ignorance and gallows of derogation set up for the distinct,The blaze of the stares just as severing as if it been the blade of an ax.Gagged by the silence, and hands bound by injustice,
You speak of this place like it’s tangible Like it’s the second layer of hell A ridiculous concept But resonate of the truth
Seeing you In my dreams you are sown. Features like him Yet details are still dim Blue will be everywhere Anything you need we will give you Along with unlimited love and care Fighting the urge
But what of me, standing in the corner, Hidden in the shadow. Placed there unwilling, Listening to the conversation flow.   Never do I ever want to hear another word
Why is it so easy to steal a girls love and reputation in one swift movement? When a young girl loves too easily She is rejected, cast out by those around her.
Feburary 27, 2012 a Facebook message notification It read "HBD". She didn't know who it was so she just replied with a thank you and went away. Little did she know that was her first encounter with her first love.
"You're too close," I told  him.  "You're so close, I hear you breathe, I see your fears, I hear your heart.
Silence. It surrounded me like a thick blanket, a false illusion of security as I walked across Fulton and through the market. My flats tapped the ground, giving off no sound,
Ice cold veins, her heart is what controls it. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s the only one who’s frozen.
Goodmorning darlin' Sing me the story of our lives. Look at me again the way that you did When our eyes were new. Let yourself go with me again With that dazed wonder of new love.
It’s funny
I don’t know much about youAll I know is that kindness radiates from your heartYour eyes hold secrets I want to unlockBlack eyes of a jaguarFull of ambition, benignYour lips speak tongues
I have feelings for you Your the one I'll always love. It's just one think You'll never fee the same about me. If I ran away would you come after me? If I died, would you shed a tear
Wild and Reckless, thank you so much  as you reflect on all of us.   Wild and Reckless,  we appreciate this. We will never forget  the bad name you gave us.   
Welcome to my world! Would you like to meet my friends? They're on my left wrist, and they're scabby and red. Do oyu know who introduced me to them? How we got to meet? My ****** should know,
it's like a battle feild out here stray bullets everywhere but its like there all aimed at me i dont understand why the silly thing about it is they expect me to fall they want me to give up
Hello teachers, principals, and staff, This is our time, our mind, our thoughts, Now step back. Sit down, pay attention, focus
And here I am, Sitting in front of y'all.
President Ronald Reagan looks straight ahead and says, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. And 29 months later, the sledgehammers pound. Rock chips. Concrete cracks.
My parents will never understand. The part of my direction, they will not seek for attention, in me. Every single time I have something to say they turn it around!
Stop Take a second look at me What do you see? Is it obvious to the naked I who I am? Maybe? No Pay close attention What am I wearing? Trendy right? What's in my hand?
A love I once honed Is now a memory long forgotten; With how quick I lost it, Or even rid of it- Was it lust instead? Cradled in my plams Had been a lingering hope That the past would reverse
I am not allowed to speak to have a conflicting thought Comform must I because I am a child in your eyes   Yes, I know nothing of life I am no fool but instead of learning
I'm tired of pretending I'm happy. I'm tired of pretending I'm okay. I'm tired of pretending I don't care, when there's so much more I could say. I'm crying out, but no one hears.
We all live contrasting ways. We alter our ego’s mask in order to fulfill what we think others want to see. We all forget what’s most important to tightly grasp;
Growing up the saying "you only live once" meant to take life seriously. It meant that we needed to make the most of this life, Do things that will make us happy. And feel accomplished so that we can leave a legacy behind.
Everyday I see you and everyday you look at me Everyday we talk we argue and laugh together Everyday i bump you and everyday you bump me Yet it feels at though you have never seen me
As a little girl, I shivered in my sleep. Wake up to the morning sun and then I weep. What is stability? To be able, to be free. To never want, ask, or need. A man, a woman, a child might equal a happy home.
I'm so sick of it when                                                                   people put you down. Who do you think you                                                                   are ? Stop it right now!
The voices I heard in my head are so loud, discombobulated, overbearing, That it makes me wonder how you can be so sure about what the hell you are talking about!
You stand up there, teaching us this crap How will it apply and when will I use that can’t I pick my own classes? Go to class when I want Whys the government control us, I wish I could change that  
I believe that teens fall in love You think we’re crazy but I really think we do. I think we’re not crazy But we have a lot of love anyways And sometimes you’re going to notice a sparkle
Seed sower You have sown the seed of the tree that is me Breathed life into lungs and patient limb construction I know my leaves rustle careful and free Because you are the sower of the tree that is me
I never thought that I could feel this way I never really searched for this feeling - None worthy to share it with anyway But I stumbled on it, now I’m tingling
We drank to fade awayuntil it worked.When the morning light painted the bodiesthat we were still trapped in,we fell asleep;too exhausted to carethat we still existed. 
I think it’s so fucked up how someone could just tear you apart like you never meant anything to them To put them into misery with the simplest of a silent response To ignore the words that they aren’t saying
When in school  they say we should learn everything that is possible they don't see the obstacles 
Want By: Kamaria Campbell   Big, beautiful, warm, and wet from his tongue Slowly gliding along the surface leaving behind a trail of saliva
I want to be kissed! But not just kissed... I want to be kissed because I’m me! Not just because I’m some girl. I don’t want to have to think And think and think and rethink
Too young to be in love Is it really love or just lust? Let's spread our wings as if we're dove Can you promise to keep my trust?   Do you believe that love really exists?
You stare at your reflection, Sighing at your imperfect complexion. Your now “okay” haircut that’s past the trend, And your pouty face you try to defend.
There's no point in being someone that you aren't. The act will be obvious and off-putting. Besides, what are you gonna do if he wants the fake you?
to cease to desist to stop the crimes to help the fighting youth to unveil the bride Truth and stop her point from becoming moot   that is our calling  
The first love poem Inscribed on a clay tablet By Sumerians Does not speak of Candy hearts or kisses or Perfumed nothings That make your heart beat and your Cheeks flush hotly red.
Poetry is a language spoken by many, Though only some choose to be eloquent writters. I write to illuminate my world.   I write to open my eyes, to uncover everything in diguise.
This one is for the christians Love is not morals Morals are not created by God They are created by the MIND God asks us only to be loving and kind to others Be there Teens need YOUR love
This one is for the christians Love is not morals Morals are not created by God They are created by the MIND God asks us only to be loving and kind to others Be there Teens need YOUR love
A virgin innocence beams under the spot light, shushed as the speakers buzz. A flurry of question bury the noise and a voice rises above. A blanket of awe wraps itself around the shiny toy.
A virgin innocence beams under the spot light, shushed as the speakers buzz. A flurry of question bury the noise and a voice rises above. A blanket of awe wraps itself around the shiny toy.
What ever happened to the innocent hellos? And the guys mesmerized by a girls eyes.. The days where you had to ask a dad for a date..and he decides yes or no.. And a first kiss meant everything..
As a teenager, time and time again, I am asked the question, "want a drink?" My response to the request always catches the others by surprise. Do I want a drink? To me, this question is so much more.
It was so sudden, so crazy at first. I was too insane to think. I just did it, who wouldn’t? I just had to connect to the link.   My mind started spinning, My stomach started reeling,
I like to partake in a small laugh at your name. Because ironically enough your name sound much like the what birds do. With wingspans they glide through the air  Weightless
Worlds grow, Budding behind unfiltered eyes,                 Breaking from tradition. Christened creativity, In actuality,                 Unrealized forms of magic. The potential,
  A blanket of comfort hanging in the closet. my body longs for the warmth it brings morning after morning. Ordinary in every way, torn in all the right places. I slip it over my head
When I got home from camp today, My parents almost died. They asked me how I got this way, And here's what I replied:   "This little cast from heel to hip Is nothing much at all.
Stereotypes reach farther corners than simply gender, race and sexuality, but who would ever even think of starting a revolution for a group of kids that aren’t taken seriously?
I walk these ghetto streets to and fro People have come but most of them go Looking around for a ray of sunlight Darkness follows me without the moonlight I have been on this decrepit road forever
Get Em Get Em Get Em Party Party Party Cups stacked along the corners of a torn house Aligned like a house of cards, fragile Reeking of booze, alcohol Oops spilled some on the floor
You never thought about it You just acted by instinct I get you You got lost You had a choice and you said you consider it before Still you did it and 9 months later the results you saw
Expression is a lethal weapon, Locked in my own judgments, Don’t understand why I’ve been chosen to fill the shoes of an unholy person
Losing focus is easy to do. I could sit here, and testify to you. But instead let's take a turn, and kill these distractions. You see, I'm a becoming senior, proud and all, but I can't say I'm ready for next fall...
(poems go here) Laying on your chest, Playing in your hair. With you I am at my best. But I would never dare speak—I would never dare say, The three words that keep—Reoccurring in my head.
Blinded by a love that’s not there Comforted by the idea of having you near Analyzing everything about you Hoping to be the one you turn to Staring at you as you walk by Knowing you will probably never be mine
Life—stops in a moment Bang, cut, gone. Safety—is an illusion Zip, clip, done. Survival—the one goal Teen, street, alone. How—did I end up this way? Hit, Fist, door. So—here I’ll stay
I'll start walkin' your way, You start walkin' mine. Best friends forever, No matter how far away. We'll find the means To stay that way. I'll start walkin' your way, You start walkin' mine.
Cliques are just a form of people who have heartless thoughts , & feelings that you can't bare to think of with their evil stares demon like thoughts surround me every day, the way they move like a pack of cheetahs looking for their prey to fe
Just because we're teenagers It does not mean that we're all the same And can be guided in identical ways We're individuals Just because we are adolescents It does not mean we are ignorant
Bullies Drive people away. Give them a ride home And drop them off at a dead End. Disregard stop signs. Pass on a double-yellow And don't stop when they say "When."
She was never the type to fall in love Rather fall into bed "Having a good time" was one of her mottos Got what she wanted then fled Hell no she didn’t want no ring on her finger
It's a sad sick world we're living in Love is a word thrown around carelessly And here is where the story begins
Sunshine, tree-shade Chugging on your kool-aid Late nights, boy crazed Don't forget to misbehave Swimming's in, School's out, That's what summer's all about
Our poor forsaken generation Focus...focus....focus Man if I don't blow this it's like I can't focus Feeling like I'm choking....but I know if I'm not blowing this
what should I do which side to pick in this battle in my mind that’s killing me inside my heart chooses one society chooses one and I pick one and I pick wrong and I know it’s wrong
I feel the pain from my head to the ground But everywhere I look, I never hear a sound. Not one person standing up for me No one telling the bullies to let me be. They have replaced my name with hateful jokes
Death, murder, heartache, incarceration The very things teens attempt to avoid Texting and driving The very thing that can lead to it all
I'd show him what he asked for If he called me beautiful, I'd take another shot If I could prove that I'm fun, I'd agree we were "just messing around" If I could feel his love On a night like tonight,
Expected to act like an adult, but treated like a child Expected to make mistakes, but never fail. Expected to be confident, but in silence. Expected to be happy, but focused.
I live my life by a code To never get drunk nor high, But people think me queer or rude. My code exiles me from the cliques, Never invited to outings or parties, Never asked to stand in the student body.
Stop, Make the world stop spinning. That way we can have a steel beginning. Make the people stop talking, That way its silence while we're walking.
Brilliance was burned away We drank away our thoughts Gambled which would stay and which would go, We didn't know.
life is an elevator it has its ups and downs sometimes it switches your plans around but can that be the reason to fall? nah not all letting your emotions take control
Everyday we’re coming up with lame excuses. Throwing things here and there about why our life is useless. We as teens don’t understand. Whether what is good or what is bad. About life.
I have many great friends Who care about where I end And enjoy being around me Who make me smile And laugh And cry
some people disregard the actions they make. many tend to forget the opportunities they take. but when it comes to love, and the true definition. they don’t know until it’s gone, that something was missing.
He never once thought... "It could happen to me." It was always the other; the guy you see standing shocked, by the roadside, with eyes unbelieving.
No two stories are the same Even the ones with alike names Now here’s the story of a girl Who met a boy and changed his world They met on Facebook, yes that’s right They met that day and talked all night
So young and bold, we are too proud to admit that we care-- Yet, we still have no care in our world. We are the gold miners of the Earth. Digging in the dust and in ourselves,
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