simple things

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 13:21 -- guady12

life is an elevator
it has its ups and downs
sometimes it switches your plans around
but can that be the reason to fall?
nah not all
letting your emotions take control
unhealthy drinking destroying your soul
man look at your self
your not the person you used to be what happen to living free?
living in a world fulled of lies
asking your self why ? oh why?
everyone telling you everything will be alright
holding your hopes to a lie
just waitng to see what will happen next
loosing your self to the desires of flesh
listening to rappers whos job is to promote sex
now youre sitting now missing your ex
trying to figure how things used to be
trying to enter bars with your fake ids
alcohol and drugs being your only solution
when in reality its your confusion
you feel trapped like a lion in its cage
cant see this is not the way to live in this age
we're meant for greater things


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