We are Just Kids

We are just kids 
who can't stop the voices 
of our demons. 
Too tired from trying to keep ourselves sane, 
we are out on the edge 
not caring if we fall, 
we are heroes 
strangling ourselves with our own capes. 
We find no reprieve 
in our empty poetry 
and see the gimmicks 
in your "you can talk to me" therapy, 
we have lost too many nights of sleep 
to be that foolish. 
We are warning signs 
of teenage angst, 
we are the kids 
who never got listened to. 
We are filled with scars 
from all the nights they didn't listen. 
We were hopeless, 
but now we see 
that other people are drowning too. 
We are a community of 
black eyes 
and I'm fine 
and too many words 
stuck in our lungs. 
We may be tired 
but at least we aren't the only ones. 


This poem is about: 
Our world



very nice! i love it:) feel free to read some of mines as well. all mostly about mental health and illnesses.


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