Scrolling Through

As I scroll through my feed

On Facebook, Twitter, Insta

All I see is the chaos

The crimes committed

The idols worshipped

The relationships ruined

We hit the like button

On things we could care less about

We smile and pose

To show we’ve got what it takes

For society to notice us

We’re thrilled when we reach

One, two, three hundred likes

We size each other up by how many followers

Each of us has got

We smile when we want to cry

We primp and preen

To show off our superficial beauty

All the while He’s wondering

Wondering when we’ll turn and

See that “all that” is worthless

See that we’re really nothing

See that He is everything

Everything we need

Everything we want

Everything we crave

Because “all that” is trash

I don’t mean literally

Sure, it could be

But when we value ourselves

By what society tells us

We miss the bigger picture

The grander, bigger plan

So as I scroll through my feed

I wonder how many

How many of my friends

Miss the plan that

Is so important to see

For when we finally look up

And focus our eyes on

Something totally different

Will we finally find all that

We desired in the beginning

No longer feeding on the trash

But a feast set before us

And stand in the Presence

Where everything seems less

Than anything but Him

As I scroll through my feed

On Facebook, Twitter, Insta

All I see is the message I need to take.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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