My Legit Day

Early in the morning, from my bed i jump

My heart with fresh new blood i feel pump.

Like an athlete I sprint into my bathroom

Clean myself and return to the bedroom.


My well polished shoe lying by the wall

Well ironed shirt right above it on the wall.

With ease and care but quick, I’m dressed

I quickly forget, just last night I was stressed.


The dawn of a new day meets me with joy

Maybe because i’m just a little merry boy.

Before you know, i’m jumping down the stairs

All smiles is what my shiny little face bears.


I locate the cereal, milk, spoon and plate

eating quickly so i won’t go to school late.

A quick glance at my watch, it’s six already

real quick, i rinse the plate and i’m all ready.


When the bus arrives I jump right in

exchanging pleasantries while sitting.

My focus often shift to the dark blue sky

At this point of the day I never see a bird fly.


Whenever the bus finally stops at school

I go down ready and willing to keep rules.

My best version is what i see each day

and it shows me  in quite a lot of ways.


By: Moses Abasiene

September 17, 17 around 7:13pm.

Dedicated to positive people.


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My community
My country
Our world
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