Wanted to be Loved

Why is it so easy to steal a girls love and reputation in one swift movement?

When a young girl loves too easily

She is rejected, cast out by those around her.

She is judged by one action, one mistake, one brief moment of her life.


Is it such bad thing that we love too easily

Or is it because we failed to reach society’s expectation of us?

A girl who loses her virginity is deemed a whore,

While the boy who took it receives a high-five and a pat on the back.


And as time passes what if it is realized

That their brief moment of intimacy

Created something?

A child, a baby, a life.


The boy may go unscathed by his actions,

Yet the girl is viewed in an entirely new light.

She becomes the one with a target on her back,

A leper to the girls she once called her friends.


Now she is a child, raising a child

In an adult world.

All she wants is to be loved by the boy

Who claimed to love her back.


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