Why I Write...

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 06:55 -- AqsaCh


Poetry is a language

spoken by many,

Though only some choose to be

eloquent writters.

I write to illuminate my world.


I write to open my eyes,

to uncover everything in diguise.

I write to salvage my soul,

to bear the power to control.

To revive,

so once again, I can feel alive.


I write for the derelect children,

who everyday are beaten

and have no where to go.

So mercy upon them,

I would like to bestow.


I write for the ones who are apathetic,

to show them another tactic.

And the ones that are estatic,

to make sure they don't become heartsick.


I write for the ones bearing blame,

who live their whole lives in shame.

For the scapegoats of today and tomorrow,

so no longer they live in sorrow.



Children live in turmoil,

with one wish- to uncoil. 

In this pallid world they lose hope,

But soon they'll finally learn to cope.


I write to elate lives, and make them vibrant- 

leaving no time for judgement.

I write with the request,

to relieve the stressed

and suppressed.

To discover how to be free,

and live happily.

I write for the troubled teens,

unable to break bad routines.

I write for the diseased,

who with their lives are very displeased;

for them to reach serenity,

and live their life with bravery.


I write for mundane dilemmas,

that come everyone's way,

to let you know,

your hopes do not betray.


I write for people to know,

and not feel shallow;

because I understand,

For I know this firsthand.


I write for my inner peace,

and my feelings I do release.

My elusive ideas

are put into words,

and life keeps going onwards.

To reach rhapsody,

and referbish my soul and heart,

my words are never far apart.


And I write,







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