Growing Ups & Downs


United States
33° 29' 45.6756" N, 84° 22' 49.7604" W
United States
33° 29' 45.6756" N, 84° 22' 49.7604" W

You stare at your reflection,

Sighing at your imperfect complexion.

Your now “okay” haircut that’s past the trend,

And your pouty face you try to defend.

And apparently you’ve gotten bigger,

A very noticeable change of figure.

Your roots haven’t stopped, you’re still growing.

Eating more and more, and its showing.

There are times when things begin to get rough,

And there are a few things in life you begin to pick up…


With curiosity, lessons were learned the hard way.

New words learned, but you need to watch what you say.

Now, monsters under the bed don’t exist,

Lying, it’s only the “truth” with a twist.

Love doesn’t always end like a fairy tale,

And before things get better, things have to fail.

The time your favorite toy went missing.

When it mattered more than kissing.

Whining tantrums, deemed immature.

Remember those stuffed animals with

The soft, soft fur?

When you learned that your heroes had their flaws,

And that girls could pull out claws.

Apparently not all boys will be boys,

The music you listen to now is considered “noise.”

Luck existed in a four leaf clover,

Now appearances are obsessed over.

There are not too many people to trust,

Those “friends” of yours can leave you with just dust.

But you’re now capable of so much more,

Hidden doors opened for you to explore.

A job, a life, you as a person, defined.

You basically need to keep an open mind.

The simple things, like being able to reach higher,

Or all the new knowledge and acquaintances you’ll acquire.

Were you distracted by the caffeine?

Noticing you’ve went from six to sixteen.

And as you stare into the mirror,

A realization is made clearer.

You’ve changed, and it was so quick,

It happened just like magic.



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