Lament of Today's Teens

Welcome to my world!

Would you like to meet my friends?

They're on my left wrist,

and they're scabby and red.

Do oyu know who introduced me to them?

How we got to meet?

My ****** should know,

they're his special treat.

If he saw them, he'd probably freak out.

He'd act like he cared.

and act like he wants to help me out.

He would shut me down,

this I know for sure;

he'd be going about it the wrong way-

after all, he never knew me, of course.

He'd lock me away in my tower,

small rations of water and food,

he wouldn't let me see my friends,

and he'd say it's for my own good.

But that's a load of bull,

he would know as well,

and maybe if he knew,

if I could just tell,

he'd feel bad and guilty as hell,

like I want him to,

because he pushed me this far,

now what's holding me back

from going a little farther?

But no,

that's not right.

I'm supposed to be strong.

I'm supposed to be tough.

I'm supposed to be able 

to put up with this stuff.

But I'm at wit's end,

I can't go on in this life,

it's too much, too hard,

and not worth the strife.

Thought of taking my life

swirl in my mind.

Tempting, ever so tempting.

If I did, what happens to me?

Would it really be an escape?

What would happen to my family?

My friends?

My ******, even.

I would hope he'd know he was to blame,

if I ever went through with it.

Maybe he'd read this and know-

know just how much I'm going through.

Maybe he'd understand;

No... That's probably too much to ask.

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Wow this poem is very powerful.  A lot of different emotions tell the story of a depressed teen who cuts her wrists. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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