I don't get this teen life.


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United States
29° 41' 51.3384" N, 95° 39' 3.7908" W

My parents will never understand.

The part of my direction,

they will not seek for attention, in me.

Every single time I have something to say

they turn it around!

Everything that just came out of my mouth meant nothing, it was black and white.

No color, no meaning.

Why am I here?! I don't want to stay!

Another day that I move on to is another day away from you

Another day I will need to pay my own due

Another day I will stand up and prove you

that I did it, you didn't.

Does my words mean something now?

because your happy that I'm passing life.

Just watch, sit back.

Because i'm so sure its easy for you two to watch from the other side.

Just because you couldn't accomplish what you wanted to do you take it out on me!?

What am I?

Your child? or just a peice of meat?!

This teen life God has given us is such a wonderful blessing

but the funny thing is we obey you more than we obey Him

So what you're teaching me is wrong

I need to listen to Him.

Every thing we bring to you is just another life lesson I get.

This was never about me.

It's just what you two haven't finished yet.

The man above tells us to love our guardians

but how are we to love when we are not loved?

It's a win-win type of thing,

so why am I losing?

This teen life I will never understand,

it is a never ending bruising.

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