To My Almost Love

You were the boy I have always wanted. 

At least I thought you were. 

But you did not want the same as me.

Or maybe at some point you did, but realized I just wasn’t the one for you. 

I saw the spark leave from your eyes.

And I could almost see your mouth form the words goodbye. 

Today I still ask myself why I fell for a love that was on hold. 

A love that as incomplete. 

An almost love. 

People talk about first loves and second loves, but never the almost loves. 

The people that come around, doing everything right yet everything wrong. 

They laugh with you, but never cry with you. 

They fight with you, but never calm you.

They kiss you, but never hold you.

They touch you, but never feel you. 

You were my almost love. 

I almost said that inevitable four letter word to you. 

But I wouldn’t have meant it. 

And yes it hurts that we drifted apart. 

But we had to drift to make way for our true loves. 

The people that were complete loves. 

If that’s our first, second, third or fourth.

 It does not matter. 

Because of the people we almost loved, we now know what it takes to completely love someone. 


So Thank You to my Almost Love.





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