Black Is Not A Type of Character Trait

Black is not a type of character trait

I'm tired of our nationality being raped

Constantly we are mistaken by our identity

Yeah she's black

She's always walking around with a head full of naps

Many ask why I'm acting like I'm white

And I'm sorry if I know wrong from right

Or if I dare to believe I'm bright

With my undertone I am filled with delight

Or in other words DELECTATION

Yeah  I pay attention when it comes to education

My knowledge is out of this world

Please don’t mistake me because of my skin and head of curls

Being black is an honor

Even when Rosa Parks was on the bus and people would taunt her

Being black is not a type of character trait

Others should not have the ability to discriminate

Honey you better recognize

But don’t touch, just look me in the eyes

I don’t know why I'm filled with so much pride

Perhaps its because of the happiness that I have deep inside

Or maybe its because of the tears that were cried

Tears of my leaders, my historical figures, my heroes

Not the ones running through the six with their woes

Much respect to drake though

But others such as Nefertiti, an ancient Egyptian queen

I imagine her life as a dream

She was wise and filled with poise

When she stood everyone around her made noise

Being black is not a type of character trait

It is something that runs deep within our veins

Please forgive me if I sound a bit insane

We are unique

Just like a fancy boutique

The genes we have

What runs through our veins

Cannot be copied

Even if it were to rain

What's in our veins connects us with our spirit

Not these pieces of music put together with some lyrics

'Grown Men' wearing their pants below their waist

Bringing outrageous shame to our race

Being black is not a character type

It's funny how we can't be known as good people

Raised in great neighborhoods

And not raised in the "ghetto"

Even when we aren't we can't get a single hello

Instead we get stared at and titled fake

If you do so you're making a mistake

Now back to the genes that run through our veins

That is the one thing that connects us to each other as blacks of course

Our knowledge is one of a kind

Our background is one connecting us with our mind

Not one you should despise

We hold the key to the universe

Shoot if it wasn't for us you wouldn't have what's in that luxurious purse

Being black is not a character type

It is one race that lies within this God forsaken nation

You're over here looking stupid while we're planning for world domination

We will be recognized

Even if at first we are criticized

One day you'll learn and you'll see

That being black is not a character type o trait

It' just simply a name that was given to the ones our kind

Ones of our shade

This name is one that reminds me of the reaping's that were caused

May I remind you again that non of this is our fault

Being black is not a character type

It is one label placed on us and any card we swipe 

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