This is your Wake Up Call

Welcome to the life of a teenager

It is at this time

The most critical time in your life

That everything that you see

That you are

And that you hear

Influence who you will become

You think you know everything

When you know nothing

Knock Knock , Who’s there?

This is your wake up call.

Continue saying you're woke

But how are you woke

When you continue to use Coke

Not Coca-cola But cocaine

Messing up the thoughts in your brain

Or using the Mary Jane

This is insane

But you know everything

Shout out to my homies

When my own homies don't even know me

Or they never told me

That crack….was wack.

Believing that black don't crack

Well we need to have a little chat

Seeing double thats two

Can hardly bend over and tie your shoe

I don't know what to do

But This is your wake up call

Sistah Drop that Joint

Because this right here is your turning point.

No love for thug life

Saying no to Drug life

Strive to do whats right

And stand tall

Because this right here, is your wake up call.


This poem is about: 
Our world



This is a poem that I wrote to encourage my younger peers to not do drugs.

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