Happy Birthday

Feburary 27, 2012 a Facebook message notification

It read "HBD". She didn't know who it was so she just replied with a thank you and went away.

Little did she know that was her first encounter with her first love.

Just from that message alone they started a conversation that never seemed to fade

A topic after another, A lol after every joke or side comment. From these messages

to Draw Me. On Draw Me he made the first move and instead of drawing he drew out the sentence

"What's your #?" Excited she was. She couldn't believe it so she went on a drew the next thing which

was a panda. Again he drew out "What's your #?" She couldn't contain her smile that was forming on

her face. This is it. This is the begining of love. They soon exchanged numbers and from Draw Me it

went straight into each other's inbox. Countless text and phone calls that went on for hours they soon

realized how they couldn't get enough of each other. The only thing was, they never seen each other

in person. Many attempts but non have been accomplised. Not until May 4,2012.

They were to meet up at the movie for the preimere of The Avengers. She got there first and waited

for arrival. "Hey I'm here, where are you?" That voice had never sounded so beautiful up to that point 

in time.  She told him her location and he rushed to be by her side and when he finally reached her.

The moment he touched her arm time stopped and their eyes met. Hearts in harmony stopped.

They were finally together, not wanting to be taken away from each other's embrace they stood in

silence and just took in the moment that has been finally given to them.

Their first kiss was quick and very elementary. They both looked away smiling and laughing and

soon more and more kisses were followed afterward. Love. This is her first love. For the first time in

her life was weak, vulunerable, exposed. Walls were torn down, all by one person. A feeling she

hopes everyone gets to feel. When the time came to go home after the movie they couldn't bear it.

Just like any love she did whatever to see him again. And he took any chance came his way to

spend time with her. She will never forget him, those feelings. These memories that haunt her.

To this day she does not know if she ever be exposed like that again. He was not only her first love.

He was her first everything. From the bed to the mind. He opened her mind.

Afraid to be with someone who will take his spot is her fear. To forget him is unbearable.

Her love for him will always be there. Time will heal her. Until then she will use the bodies of others

to cope.


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