All I can is see red


I think it’s so fucked up how someone could just tear you apart like you never meant anything to them

To put them into misery with the simplest of a silent response

To ignore the words that they aren’t saying

To become so lazy that you don’t care enough to decode their secret message

As the sun begins to rise and the birds begin to chirp, one day, she will no longer be around

The wind will be whistling throughout her hair as the ambulances rush down the streets

Everyone that was around her will say that they should’ve, would’ve, could’ve

But it wasn’t enough, just like she felt she wasn’t

A glass half empty all the time

The purest of a soul couldn’t feel a tint of happiness

Can you imagine that?

To feel as if you are not worthy of even your parents time

To fear that your body takes on the value of a lifeless suitcase, full of secrets to share

But no one to share them with

No one willing to take the time to listen for just one moment

She was always on the look out

Continuously searching for the right tomorrow, the perfect present, and the sweetest past

Someone who needed some cheering up, a smile painted on their face

Yet, the rosy hue fades from her cheeks as fast as her life

Something once so familiar, but not quite the same

All that will be left is an old canvas to paint  


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