Losing Focus


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Losing focus is easy to do.
I could sit here, and testify to you.
But instead let's take a turn, and kill these distractions.
You see, I'm a becoming senior, proud and all, but I can't say I'm ready for next fall...
I've procrastinated, skipped, and even just not done, what I needed to make sure, I'd be number one.
I'm not saying I failed, or feel stupid and slow, but what I'm saying is that I need to flow.
Flow back to my reality of leaving this town because if I stay any longer, I will surely drown.
But if that were to happen, being stuck here, I can only blame one culprit, and that's the same girl who's near.
I'd be the only blame, walking around in my shame, I'd pull myself down into deeper terrains, and drowned myself out because of these petty games.
Now one thing I can confess, is that even though I can be a hot mess, I'm still trying my best.
Don't judge me because I'm not the best, but judge what I'm saying, which is not to impress.
I'm young, and not dumb, but young and fun.
Yes I know how that sounds, but trust me you don't understand this little town.
Teens are restricted, banished, and put down because in the eyes of our people, we're nothing but thugs and clowns.
It's hard to stand out here, when everyone thinks you need petty.
I need no petty, just a more structure. Yell at me once, and I will not screw you over, I need that somebody to help me look over my shoulder, but also stare into my future, to know it's still not over.
I have a long way to go, and much more to obtain, I'm ready to stop playing, and be recognized like I have fame because let me tell me you, one day my name will be up high, I will be that somebody who has manifested in the sky.
Just hear my dreams, and know where I'm going, just as long as I stay focused, and keep on showing, proving myself to those beyond, this young Milwaukee girl is on her grind.
Grind to success, and to be the very best, I will not rest until this is all off my chest, sitting back in glory, champagne in my hand, looking back at my story, and loving where I am.

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