These moments,

These people,

These years.

We thought it would last a lifetime,

Our friendships would never break,

And our love would never disappear.

We'd never know what betrayal is.

Being carefree, innocent, and unstoppable,

That's how we felt.

Dancing in the parking lot,

Laughing aloud in the street, not caring if we disturbed the sleep of people,

Creating a world of our own on rooftops,

Listening to music in parks and being childish.

Laughs that turned into cries,

Memories frozen in Polaroids and pictures.

Teenage years in its most beautiful aspect.

Acting like we don't care,

Shouting like no one's around,

Being hurt but dealing with it,

Wishing to pause these moments, making them last forever.

Refusing responsibilities,

Refusing to grow up.

We are still kids, but later on we're not.

Closing our eyes to relive those times,

To see those people once again,

To remember those past years,

Where everything seemed possible,

Where dreaming was acceptable,




We are the kings and queens,

Of our teenage years.

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