Story of A Misused Girl

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 18:33 -- kajehe


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It's a sad sick world we're living in
Love is a word thrown around carelessly
And here is where the story begins

He had her sitting on a pedestal of love
More like a lap of his own luxury
Because you see
She was lost in the emotions that she fed off his egotistic mind control, adoringly
She interpreted only what her heart wanted: love
But in his sex-driven mind was only filled with his own desires, wants, and needs of
Was all his game was about
Feelings and opinions would fade with no doubt
She was just one of the girls he played putty in his hands
Spoke etiquettely only to get as far as his demands
She was too deep into the “love connection”
She kept vibin' from his essence
Made her believe that he was “the one”
Only leading to her own penance
She did what she never imagined and he finally reached his goal
Said, "Peace out, hoe!” and left so fast, that fucking asshole
From then on, the "love" stopped revolving
Because she kept on calling, and he stopped responding
The chances of a real love never fit his vocabulary
Quitting his game was his own worst adversary
Because these girls were nothing but "hoes and tricks"
New toys to play with, used up ones thrown away depicts
His way of living and his personal gain
Kept on looking for Easy A’s ‘cause he couldn’t refrain
And left alone is a girl with no hope for love
Because her perception was skewered by a man using no glove
"Who cares about love," she said with a stern face
"I get around now for the money, cars, and the chase"

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