A Little Rant


What ever happened to the innocent hellos? And the guys mesmerized by a girls eyes.. The days where you had to ask a dad for a date..and he decides yes or no.. And a first kiss meant everything.. Where a simple dinner at the local dinner turned into a party.. With poodle skirts and oxfords dancing around with not a worry of dancing dodging bullets.. What ever happened to the memorable girl being the most beautiful in a ball gown.. Instead of the girl who can bust a split on someone's groin while dubbing.. Or the times where the men weren't afraid to scream to the world they care for a girl..instead of people faking and lying to get some from someone.. Or what about when showing a piece of your wrist or your collar bone was considered aTease.. Instead of taking pictures half named to get your name out please! When loosing your virginity was considered special..loosing it to someone you love and care about and cherish. Now collecting virginities is like a hot dog eating contest.. Where having a baby was a meaningful situation or a grown age..not a contest, accessory, or as a way to obtain a name.. Where love was actual love..not after hrs..or days..but actual years.. Where a persons emotions is explained in person from the heart instead of in a text message.. It's just the fact that our morals changed.. And chivalry and respect was hanged.. Sexually satisfaction was crowned king instead of emotional attraction.. Having a good head on your shoulders doesn't mean books smarts but a good tongue.. And innocence is rare to find, its stolen young.. We think what's back then was old and boring and obsolete but when it came to the opposite gender and self respect the rules were different.. It's either they were erased from memory over the years or the teaching is insufficient It can't be stopped at the rate it's speeding.. I'm not sure where it's heading.. But to mix old morals and new ones.. That can make a change.. Maybe dig up the bodies of chivalry and respect.. Revive them.. And examine them for a change..


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