As a little girl, I shivered in my sleep. Wake up to the morning sun and then I weep. What is stability? To be able, to be free. To never want, ask, or need. A man, a woman, a child might equal a happy home. But you don't notice the forced, "I love you," feel the tone. On the outside looking in, it might look like a win. Deep down within they are lying in sin. The father's eyes drips with lust as he creeps during the night he feels as he must. While the mother is stressed trying to look her best for a husband who doesn't love her the way she expects. Bills pile up on the table, the baby needs to eat. Three o clock in the morning the father is still running his streets. The sun is clinging over the horizon, that is when he comes home. All hell breaks loose in this once happy home. The mother is frustrated, heartbroken, and destroyed. She needs the world to hear her noise, feel her void. The father defensive, making offensive comments about how he's a man. Truthfully this young woman does not give a damn. The baby starts crying feels the tension from afar. This is the secret life they live in the dark. Grows on you stays deep like a scar. When the baby gets older she lacks to see she is a star. Stability, what is stability? To be able, to be free, to never want, ask, or need. Growing up, society tries to pounce like a lion dormant in the green bushes waiting for his prey. The same wars that were fought before us we still fight them today. Will you conform, will you preform the way society asks? Will you take up society's evil tasks? Or will you think for yourself, lay their opinion on a shelf. Do what you have to do, never think about what else. Searching for purpose? Remember you are special. In this place called life, you will never need a stunt double. Have issues trusting, loving, and getting close? Your past experiences were a heavy dose. Trying to believe in yourself you feel as if you have nothing left. No one to stand on your side no one to call your best. Don't fret. Our universe flourishes the way it does for a reason. Things might be going wrong for an evening, but believe me you will start to see a change in your character if you take the proper steps to conceive a plan for your life, to live a life without strife. Or hurt, or pain you are allowed to live again. Love, it will come. Know you are still young, do not search for the one, for the one will captivate your soul when you least expect it, and you won't regret it. Your future shines in front of you like a flame that won't die. Wipe the tears from your eyes, hope is still alive. Stability, what is stability? To be able, to be free, to never want, ask, or need.


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