Why so high?

People wonder
Why it is teens
Are so suicidal here
Is it because
They are confused
They are being forced
Into a shell
They are basically invisible
To the eye of society
They are ignored when
They reach out for help
I see it that it is
Because they have
Turned invisible
By society
To be seen,
But not acknowledged
Expected to fit
Into society without
Saying a word
Or causing a stir
They are acknowledged
In elementary school
Invisible from
Middle school
Until you are 21
Where you
Are basically told
Welcome back
To society
Here is a vertical license
And you can go drinking.
Why must we ignore teens
They are the future of our society
They leave school
Being expected to function
In society with minimal training
Sat in a classroom for 13 years
Only to be told
We should know how to
Function within a normal society

This poem is about: 
Our world


Jan Wienen

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