Dear my baby


I’m sitting in the waiting room with daddy and I’m filling out the forms
Each minute that passes by my hearts being torn
Maybe it’s not to late I could just walk away and never come back
They can even keep the 450 I don’t even care about that
The doctor calls my name and I continue like the rest
Me and daddy decided together that this was for the best
I wish I can take it all back but now it’s to late
Your not even born and I determined your fate
I can feel you dying slowly and I deserve all the pain
Worst mother of the year and I take all the blame
I wasn’t strong and I let my selfishness take your life
And every time i think about it ,
it cuts deeper then a knife
I think about you every day
And cry for you every night
Cause deep down in side I know this isn’t right
Mommy loved you as soon as she knew you were here
And I know that’s ironic cause I had so much fear.
Afraid I would have nothing to give to you ,nothing to provide
No money no car not even a place to reside
But now as I lay here thoes excuses don’t seem worth what I did
Cause you make it work when your expecting a kid
I imagined you a boy and you’ll look just like your dad.
Nice hair with an innocent face whenever your bad.
You’d have his caramel skin and big cheeks like mine
With a smile so precious we’d melt every time
Round eyes and with the cutest laugh in all the land
And your legs would be so chunky you can’t even stand
This will forever be the hardest decision I ever had to make
I realize I want you but now it’s to late


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