Welcome to a student's mind


Hello teachers, principals, and staff,

This is our time, our mind, our thoughts,

Now step back.

Sit down, pay attention, focus

And shut the fuck up.

Excuse my language, never mind,

I can talk however I want.

This is my chance to express myself,

Let you know how we students think,

What we feel when you tell us to sit down,

To do our work, to not mess around,

To try harder, to close our god damn mouths,

To go to the principal’s office for “bad behavior”,

To not speak unless told to,

To not get up unless told to,

To not eat unless told to.

You all make us feel like animals,

Animals with no freedom,

Trapped inside a cage with silver bars,

Infuriated by the attitudes that you all have.

Some boring, some bitchy, some nice, and some cruel.

We are fed up with the amount of work that is given to us daily.

Writing essay after essay, doing pointless projects, and creating power points.

Don’t you think having us students sit on hard solid desks over 6 hours a day,

Telling us what to do, what not to do,

When to do it, and when not to do it,

Feeding us under cooked meat, spoiled milk,

Making us stay for detention afterschool for arriving 5 seconds late to ONE class,

Restricting us from sitting with our learning buddies,

Assigning us seating charts,

Giving us dress code violation because we simply

Chose to wear our pajamas to school that day,

Ain’t that enough?

Should it matter what we wear to school?

At the end of the day the only reason why

We are there for is to learn right?

Why would you care what we wear?

Do we judge you on what you wear?

Don’t you think that’s enough?

We are tired of yall’s bullshit,

Teach us what we need to learn to find success,

Treat us with respect,

Learn to understand us,

We have good days and bad days,

We are not perfect and nor are you.

This is for all the teachers, principals, and staff out there.

Welcome to a student’s mind.


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