Fri, 11/08/2013 - 15:44 -- lese12

Growing up the saying "you only live once" meant to take life seriously.

It meant that we needed to make the most of this life,

Do things that will make us happy.

And feel accomplished so that we can leave a legacy behind.

I blame Drake for his "motto" and changing how we see the saying "yolo"

You Only Live Once doesn't mean you do stupid things

Or try bad things like drug, sex and alcohol.

It doesn't mean you take a risk with your life

If you play with fire, you gonna have to deal with the burns

If you play with water, your gonna have to deal with the cold

If you play with your life, your gonna have to deal with the possibility of death

YOLO, a acronym that I resent and despise with a burning passion

Not only do teenagers misuse this term, they think it's funny

Life is not a laughing matter when misused.

Nowadays I see teens get into fights, get into mischief and say YOLO when its over

That's not YOLO thats being a dumbass.

That's being immature, stupid, idiotic, jackasses who are easily swayed by dumb songs

You Only Live Once, if you don't understand this saying then keep it out of you damn mouth!


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