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I have many great friends
Who care about where I end
And enjoy being around me
Who make me smile
And laugh
And cry

We’ve seen some amazing ends
And enjoyed times just them and me
Movies, snow, sun galore, to make us smile
Found on the floor from the laughs
And the pain to no gain, leaving us to cry
My friends

I can be selfish and blind myself looking just at me
Those frowns that just cant be turned to smiles
The cries that arent from happiness and laughs
The shoulder I wear with a million tears when you’ve cried
I may not be a strong man, but I take care of my friends
Through and through until the end

So many moments I’ve seen the sun in their smiles
Many times I’ve seen the drop to the floor from their laughs
Times when everything is wrong and we hold a deep embrace crying
The people I trust and love through and through, my friends
For us their will be no end
I cannot begin to express the value of my friends to me

Memories of jokes and tired laughing
Memories of tears of joy and pain, just cry
Memories of being together bonds made in four years and more, friends
I will remember even when it all ends
You, him, her, them and me
All the memories full of smiling

When we leave to go our separate ways don’t cry
We are forever friends
Don’t look at it as an end
It isn’t to me
We’ll keep smiling
and laughing

I remember every tear cried
Every joyful smile and laughing fit
And to me it is priceless, this is not the end, but a new beginning, my forever friends.


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