High School

News of a breakup spreads around as one of the victims cry

Another person with the same pain manages to keep it all inside

One person dramatically complains that they're life is ending

Another person is going through their spiritual awakening

One person uses all of their energy to drain that of others

But they're all oblivious until the consequences hit after

This is the place where innocence comes to die

But considering the world we live in, that's quite alright

They claim no on understands and to an extent they're right

Their elders have long forgotten what truly being young was like

They start to walk the path made for them

Whether that's efficient, binding, or mayhem. 

A crowd of faces come and go everyday

Perhaps this is the biggest thing I appreciate

You can be sure the air reeks of pessismism

Yet I easily maintain my optimism

It's often easy to look at them in disgust en mass

And more difficult to remember they're doing the best they can with what they have

I'm not a fan of this place but it's done so much for me

For without this strong source of material, where would I be?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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