The Depths

It’s always been terrifying to me…

What could possibly lie underneath the serene rapids of the Gulf of Napoli

Normally a peaceful town my family originated from.


I SWEAR something is trying to grasp a hold of me





I never was.

Although, my phobia continued to grow.


I saw never-ending hues of blue in my head where

The sunlight struggled to break through

And the water began to turn black

And everything beneath it was a question of survival


It always terrified me…


Those imagined replicas of what prehistoric creatures might have looked like.


What if they’re true?

What if the Thalassomedon—

The god of the sea,

Is still alive?

What if we as a society just haven’t advanced enough to meet?

What if there’s a point where science and technology can never meet?


We are more aware of what lies outside of our world than what lies beneath the waters surrounding us.


That’s what terrifies me.


But for the past 365 days,

I have been consumed in an overflowing sink.

The faucet continued to run day-by-day


My anticipation grew watching it.

There was never a dull day inside of my head.


That’s what terrified me.


I became so consumed with the dangers beneath the waters that I forgot I was drowning in you.


Tread lightly

We always joked.


But never would I have guessed that your playful humor was in fact

Caution to what laid beneath your surface.


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