The Fight

One early morning on the court
There were five teens 
Who could not agree on a sport
One wanted tennis 
So he brought his racket
But the others were being such a menace
Two others wanted baseball
But the rest had came for hoops
And the four of them got into a brawl
The other one did not bother stay
For it was getting rather nasty
And so he ran away
They fought hard and well
Oblivious to anyone who surrounded
Until the principal began to yell
They froze then and there
One in a headlock, one about to punch
And wondered how the principal had gotten here
They slowly untangled each other
While the crowd was ordered off
Their damage they all hoped to cover
Up walked the fifth teen
And he made it clear their story was fake
But the principal told him not to intervene
Then four who had fought 
Were marched off
And the fifth thought: Ha! They were caught
That is the end
Except for one thing; that is
The fifth teen got to play tennis with his friend
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